VerifyShare - random selection of winners for the Instagram contest.
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Choosing the winners of the contest
in Instagram by comments

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Just paste the link to the post or enter your profile name.

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Automatic verification of compliance
with the contest conditions

First, we collect comments, identify participants, and filter them for compliance with the terms of your competition. We check some conditions at the time of determining the winners. If the conditions are not met, you can re-elect the winner.

  • 👥 Checking friends mentions (filter all repeated references)
  • 🔔 Checking the subscription for the required profiles (one or several)
  • ⤵️ Checking the repost in the feed or story
  • 💕 Checking for likes under a contest post and other profile posts
  • 👁️ Checking that the profile is open
  • 📅 Filter comments by time (STOP time)
  • ⚖️
    Set the odds of winning

    Winners are selected randomly.
    You can also specify which type of "weight" to use when selecting winners.

  • 🎰 the choice among the participants
  • 💬 priority by number of comments
  • 📢 chances depending on the number of friends mentioned
  • 🆕 🤹‍♂️
    New conditions for your contests

    We can check what the marked friends did:
    left a like, comment or became participants in the contest.
    Use this for experiments!

    Export data to an Excel file

    You can download a table with all participants, comments and likes for self-analysis.

    📊 📈
    Useful statistics

    The number of participants, the scope of the contest, how many marked friends reacted (left likes, comments or became participants). Schedule for posting comments. View comments of participants and their activity indicators.

    🆓 / ☕

    To access some of the features of the service you need to buy a "full package".
    "Full package" is bought for specific contest / post and saved forever.

    Price loading..

    $2 - $5

    (need to determine the country)